Sunday, January 1, 2012


Happy New Year!

I don't normally make resolutions. I'm not the best at sticking with things for the long term, so there's no doubt I'd give up on some fluffy resolution like "eat healthier" or "read more books" by mid-month. This year, I'm taking a different approach, with more focused goals. I think I might stand a chance. Here's what I'm shooting for in 2012:

I want to challenge myself with my baking. 

This will be the year I tackle puff pastry.

I want to blog better. More creative/interesting recipes. More original recipes (which I've neglected lately). Better writing.

Keep the house cleaner. (ha!)

Finish making my Grandmother's quilt.

Get back into drawing.

Get back into knitting and crocheting. I've been meaning to make Sundae some cat toys forever.

What are you planning to bake/do in 2012?


  1. I want to learn to decorate cupcakes with the signature swirl that everybody seems to have mastered but me. I want to develop more original recipes, too. I just need to be more productive with my time! Happy New Year!

  2. are going to be busy in the New Year! I laughed about keep the house cleaner. I so need to do that too, but there are so many other fun things that put house cleaning on the back burner. I want to try more healthy recipes this year.

  3. I found a used book stall, and got some amazing cookbooks. So, its a must for me to make at least 3 recipes from each book. I want to also purchase some appliances for my kitchen, including some new bake ware.

  4. I don't usually "Do" resolutions either. However, I, like you, do want to make the posts of my blog more frequent and hopefully more interesting. Would you want to work together on this one?


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