Friday, March 4, 2011

Extreme Bargain Shopping

I have been to the jungle, and I survived.

My mom runs an annual charity book sale. This year, I decided to stop by the sale to see if I could find some good bargains. As you can see from the picture above, I made out pretty well. I'm still a little bitter at the dude who managed to snatch up Marcella Harzan from right in front of me. Apparently I'm not aggressive enough for highly effective bargain shopping. Still, I got some real gems. That's 7 cookbooks and one gardening book (because this is going to be the year I get stuff to grow) for $20.50. Yep, I got all this recipe goodness for 20 bucks. Can you believe it?

So if you live near Wilmington, DE and would like some out of this world deals on books-- every kind of book you can imagine-- head to the Concord Mall and check it out. It runs through this Sunday, March 6th. It's for a good cause, and my mom did a kick-ass job organizing it all. I'm proud of you, mom!

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