Monday, March 14, 2011

Goals for the Week

1. Blog more! Last week was our anniversary/my birthday week, and we were out celebrating, so I didn't get around to updating.

2. Mulch. My dad assures me that March is "a great time for mulching." We'll see about that. It's still pretty cold here.

3. Make croissants in the bread machine. That might turn out to be a total disaster but I have to try it. It'd be crazy not to, right? Imagine croissants being that easy.

4. Work on lap quilt for my Grandma. It's a simple deconstructed nine patch and should not be taking me this long.

I added a couple of pages to my blog. I want to use the recipes tab to keep track of all my favorite recipes, including some of the original recipes I have been working on. I don't really have the camera to be a food blogger (a point and shoot and no photoshop), but I'll try my best. With the Hello Kitty tab, I hope to catalog my collection. My crafting and decor tab is to organize all my sewing, knitting, gardening, ect. projects. I'd love to add a tutorial section one day.

And now for an adorable Sundae picture to kick off my week:

That's her at our screen door hunting... leaves.

Maybe my goal should be to stop blogging about my cat so much. Hmmm. Probably best not to make goals I can't keep.

Stay tuned!

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