Monday, August 22, 2011

Good Help Is Hard To Find

You might have noticed a new button on my sidebar. My little blog is a nominee for Philadelphia's Most Valuable Blog (MVB). If you would like to vote for me, I would much appreciate it. Voting is open through September 9.

It's a very good thing these are not pioneer times, and I am not farming for sustenance, because I'd be in big trouble. My garden is not doing well. Predators are getting the best of my tomatoes. The onions actually rotted from the soil being too wet (remember all that yapping I did about the wonders of the self-watering container? yeah, you're going to want to ignore all of that).

The good news is that I appear to be getting a second crop of tomatoes. A couple of weeks ago, I trimmed down my massive tomato plants, and, much to my surprise, baby green tomato buds started forming again. Last time I saw one of these, it was early in June.

Wanting to ensure this potential second harvest stands a better chance than the current one, I hired Sundae to guard the garden. She was supposed to stare at it from inside the back door, looking all ferocious, and alert me if she spotted any groundhogs. She chose to do this instead:

My garden is doomed.


  1. We had a terrible year this year in our garden. Every issue from Hornworms, earwigs, too wet a spring and too dry during most of July and August.I've kinda lost all hope for it.

  2. That small green tomato looks hopeful. But unfortunately, if the groundhog comes back it's a goner! Sundae is beautiful!

  3. Fierce cat. lol
    Cat's are funny creatures. I will vote for you.

  4. Awesome cat nap and the tomatoes rill be ready before you know it

  5. This sounds like a post I would be writing if I actually tended a garden. The most we do is potted herbs...and the husband is in charge of watering (I killed the cactus...I can't be trusted)

  6. What a beautiful kitty! I just want to cuddle with him :)


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