Wednesday, September 28, 2011

September Stuff

I try to make one post a month that's not a recipe. Not more than that, because I know what people like, and people like recipes. Not less, because I like a pinch of variety here and there. So I thought, what could I talk about during the month of September that's not food related? And I drew a blank.

That's because I've been consumed with food for the past few weeks. I made these Apple Harvest and Pumpkin Spice cupcakes for a luncheon this week. I'll have the recipes for these up on the blog next week. This weekend, I have a really cool mini-pie idea for a baby shower. If I can pull it off, it'll be awesome. Fingers crossed.

Does anyone know a good place to find cute cupcake liners? The kind you bake the cupcake in, not the kind your wrap around an already baked cupcake.

I'm not able to find as much time for thrift shopping as I used to, but I'm still finding some nice pieces. Since some pieces are just too nice to bake with, I've been using Pyrex to decorate the house. A good portion of our home is still relatively empty since we moved here almost 3 years ago. It could use a little Pyrex sprucing.


  1. I know a few great place to find liners; so far I haven't caved and bought any yet (I bought a lot of recycled paper ones on sale in March and so should use them up first, though it remains to be seen if that will actually happen!), but King Arthur Flour has some ADORABLE ones, including polka dots, these fantastic "tulip-style" ones: (so glam! in red too!) and these cool striped ones:

    At first I wasn't sure what you meant by a cupcake wrap, but then I found them on Wilton's site. They also sell normal liners too: these jewel tones and also some with lilacs:

    Hopefully with all these links my comment will make it through to you.

  2. @dergugelhupf-- Thanks! I'll check out those links!

  3. I love pyrex!! I own several bowls. I love the smaller ones in gold or green. Typical 70s colors :-)

  4. When I lived in NC this was my favorite baking supply store. Plus they ship anywhere!!


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