Monday, April 4, 2011

Show and Tell

This weekend, we went to our first estate sale. I'm not much of a thrift shopper, although I totally aspire to be. We happened to pass an estate sale in our neighborhood and figured, why not? Turns out the lady who had lived in the house was crafty, but none of her grown children were. I wound up getting 70 skeins of dmc floss for a dollar. I don't do a ton of stitching, but I've been meaning to change that.

Notice the photo shoot crasher in the background? Sundae loves the camera.

I photographed part of my Hello Kitty collection this weekend. It's now up on my Hello Kitty collection page. Each item in my collection has a story, but I'm not sure I want to write the War-and-Peace-length novel it would take to tell them all. But I might select a few special items from time to time and go into more detail about them.


  1. Your Hello Kitties are so nicely displayed. I'm currently knitting a Hello Kitty from a pattern that a raveler in Ireland sent me.

    The magazine unfortunately is from a while ago, but I thought you might like this free Hello Kitty sweater pattern:

    You could make it on a pillow if wearing Hello Kitty isn't your thing, though.

  2. Thanks so much for the link! What a great pattern. I'm probably a bit too old to wear Hello Kitty, but it'd be fantastic for other things.

  3. Hey I love your blog. I have two cats and am a foster to another and her 2 kittens right now. Such fun.
    Do you have the hello kitty that moves when the sun hits it???


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