Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Garden Update

My earth garden (as opposed to my container garden) is doing pretty well. There used to be a wooden swing set in our yard where the garden now sits. But we hacked that to pieces and used its base to make our raised bed.

I read a couple of gardening books before planting, and they were all pretty clear that tomato plants need only a square foot of space to themselves. Since our garden is six feet long, I felt confident planting three tomato plants and one pepper plant along the back row. Well, the books were wrong. So wrong. My tomato plants are growing faster and larger than expected and seem to be on a quest to conquer the entire garden for themselves. One of them grew forward and eclipsed my tiny, struggling basil plant, almost completely killing it. One of them looked like it was trying to fuse itself with my poor pepper plant.

My dad is a gardening expert. This is my first year, and I occasionally ring him up for some help. My dad wound up moving the pepper plant to the front row and trying up the tomato plants with some twine. The basil plant is happily sun bathing once again.

And what's this I spy? Could it be a tiny tomato?

The onions from my container garden are doing great. My dad planted his onions from the same batch of onion sets I did, but his aren't nearly this big. I think the self-watering containers are doing their job. I'll definitely be planting onions in this same fashion next year.

How's your garden growing today?


  1. Tomatoes are the plants that wouldn't die in my mom's back yard. Ditto with morning glories.

  2. I, too, had to learn the monstrous nature of tomato plants the hard way. My husband thought he had defeated them when he trimmed them back, but this only made matters worse, and they experienced an ENORMOUS new-growth spurt from the pruning. Wish we could have a garden now. Eager to see what yours yields!

  3. Your garden looks awesome! My tomatoes are growing slowly but surely :)

  4. We must live in different geographical regions, given that my few tomato plants are still teeny-tiny. Well done with yours. They will be so delicious!


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