Thursday, June 16, 2011

No Sew Cat Toy

Sorry some of the pictures are blurry. My little point-and-shoot couldn't keep up with all the fun Sundae was having with her new toy!

I have catnip growing in my garden. My dad gave me part of his plant, which was part of a plant he got from someone I used to catsit for. This stuff grows like wildfire. I've actually resorted to ripping off parts of it and chucking it into the woods behind my house, just to keep it from over-running my parsley. And, yet, even with this successful outpouring of catnip, I've been reluctant to give Sundae any. That's because Sundae eats it... and then throws it up... on my carpet, usually.

Then I came up with an idea that makes both me and Sundae happy: the no-sew catnip toy. I took a clean sock I no longer wanted and stuffed it with fresh catnip leaves. The trick is to break the leaves to release the oils, and to rub the leave pieces all over the outside of the sock. Then tie a ribbon around the base of the cuff to keep the catnip safely inside the sock (and not inside your kitty's tummy). Remove the catnip every couple of days and replace with fresh leaves. Your feline friend will be happy all season long!


  1. I love the bottom right picture!!

  2. Great and easy idea..our 3 cats thank you


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