Saturday, June 25, 2011

Thrifting in Pictures

Hi, my name is Abby, and I'm a thrifting addict. A few months ago, I had never stepped food inside a Goodwill store. Now I'm a regular, constantly scouting out the housewares section for amazing deals. It wouldn't be so addicting if I didn't keep finding the coolest stuff.

My latest Pyrex finds.

Mugs! I'm pretty obsessed with antique milk glass mugs lately. They're the cutest things, and I generally pick them up for 50 cents. I had to have the middle mug because my husband was a Philadelphia bicentennial baby. However, I think the "Kiss Me, I'm Polish" mug (made by Glasbake) is my favorite, even though I'm not the least bit Polish.

Some Fire King bakeware I've already put to good use.

I loved this enameled frying pan the second I spotted it, even though I have no clue what to do with it. As to who made this piece and how old it is, that remains a mystery.

Hope everyone is having a happy (and thrifty) weekend!


  1. Good finds! this type of collectable is my favorite..practical and fun every time you get it out...

  2. I am in love with the mugs, they are adorable! Especially the middle one, which would make a great present for my sister's boyfriend, who's Philly born and bred.

    How come when I go to thrift stores all I find is weird clothing that doesn't even fit me? Sigh...

    Anyway, you are very lucky :)

  3. That is just too funny! You described me to a "T"! I used to think thrift stores were "nasty" until I've found some great things too! Now I'm addicted! Love it!


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