Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thursday Pictures

Happy 1st birthday, Sundae! I remember that day, one year ago, I went to the SPCA and a little black and white kitten racing around her cage caught my eye. I picked her up for the first time... and she bit me. Even so, something in my gut told me this was the kitten for me, and I've never once regretted taking her home. Sundae is a truly special cat, and she lights up my days.

Found this little Pyrex bowl at Goodwill. Picked it up for $2.

One of the perks of when I volunteer with my mom is the free cookbooks. Can you believe they were going to throw these away? They are Time Life books from the 60s. I don't come across too many Creole or Viennese cookbooks, and so I snatched these up. Flipping through the Austrian cookbook, I was confused at first, because half of the recipe titles were in German and half were in some Slavic-looking language. Then my 8th grade social studies kicked in and I remembered the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Can't say I've ever seen another Austro-Hungarian cookbook, and doubt I'll ever see one in the future. I consider this a good find.

Currently, I'm working on some baking projects. I've tested about a dozen recipes in the last week, all of which have been flops, and I'm working on the catering for my brother's graduation party. I'm a little stressed, but posting pretty pictures helps!

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  1. The cookbook is a lucky find! Austrian and Hungarian food is delicious.

    Also, yesterday was my eldest cat's birthday too! She's much older than Sundae though - she turned 18. We also adopted her from the local shelter :)


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