Friday, July 29, 2011

Not a Camera Person

I've never been one for taking photographs. We didn't even have a photographer at our wedding. We thought it would be a swell idea to leave disposable cameras at the tables for guests to take pictures, and, thanks to my then-eight-year-old cousin, we had a lot of precious memories captured of the venue floor.

The kitchen is where my passion lies. Taking pictures and photo editing, not so much. But because I love having a food blog, and pictures go along with the deal, I'm trying to learn. The cheapie camera I've been using decided to die on me. I finally got my new camera this week, and I'm having fun playing around.

Red tomatoes at last! These are the first two I harvested from my garden. They became a delicious tomato sandwich which I devoured for lunch.

My kitchen has florescent lights, only one tiny window and the counter tops are mint green. It's not the easiest place to take pictures. I think my new camera works a little better than the old one.

It's Sundae! She's a difficult subject to capture, because she's always flicking about. Here she is on the stairs, one of her favorite hang out spots.

Pyrex is always one of my favorite subjects. This is a new little casserole I've collected.


  1. Photographing cats is only sliiiiightly easier than trying to herd them, I've decided!

    What kind of camera did you get? I have a little point-and-shoot that I bought a few years ago to take on vacations and things, and it's really not cutting it, I've decided.

  2. You have lovely photos and a lovely blog! I need to get back into photography for my blog too, you're an inspiration :)


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