Saturday, July 16, 2011

Weekend Pictures

Lately, I've been really into food preservation. I'm experimenting with drying fruits and herbs. Here are some dried strawberries hanging out in a Pyrex container. Dried strawberries are ridiculously good and ridiculously addictive.

Tomato Watch 2011 is still ongoing. My tomatoes are now plump and juicy, but not the least bit red. Tomatoes are one of my favorite foods. I get a bit hungry every time I go to tend the garden. The wait is killing me.

The green peppers have had a tough journey, having to be moved because the tomatoes were strangling it and all. I hope I haven't missed the boat on peppers, but I'm a tad concerned at only having two growing so far. Here's a tiny one, and, let's face it, it looks kind of like a butt. I'm sure it'll be a tasty butt.

More thrifting. I'm glad to keep finding Pyrex and FireKing, but I'm branching out into other kitchen goodies as well.

Hope everyone else is having a fantastic weekend!


  1. Hi! Beautiful pictures! Dried strawberries sound really good; I would never have thought to do that:)

  2. How exactly do you dry the strawberries? They are beautiful!


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